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This project will have a long-term impact on the legal education in Montenegro. The new curriculum and new courses will benefit not only the FoL but the needs of the Montenegrin state and societies, having in mind the circumstance that it is the only state Faculty of law in Montenegro, and that it is a faculty with a largest number of the law students in Montenegro.

The project will allow academic staff to acquire new competences which will systematically transfer to students that will have positive impact on the students studying at the FoL, and their employability. This will have a branching effect on the all legal professions in Montenegro that will benefit from the new knowledge that young lawyers will bring to their profession.

Professional associations of lawyers from Montenegro (especially the non academic partners in this project – JC of Montenegro and JTC of Montenegro) will also benefit from the project. This two organization conduct further practical education of lawyers and conduct testing for the bar exam, and all other testing for the judicial positions in Montenegro.

Currently, the level of understanding of the EU law by Montenegrin judges and other legal profession in Montenegro is on very low level. As the negotiations process of Montenegro is progressing, implementation of the EU law is a priority, and is presuming the obligation of these institutions to organize courses on EU law implementation and other courses intended for further education in this professions. The experiences gained during this project will have positive impact on the future changes of the procedures for the lifelong education of lawyers.