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In accordance with the Decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Law UCG No.01-1993 / 1 from 08.11.2016, more active communication and cooperation with alumni of the Law Faculty of UoM begun, primarily with socially engaged, eminent persons in legal profession who through their professional reputation, work and knowledge contribute to the improvement of Faculty development. In addition to it, strenghtening alumni communications has the aim forming interships and practical studies not only of our but also foreign students. Thereby  we generate the stronger linkage between our students and market. To this end, we started with the signing of a memorandums of cooperation with the most important institutions in the country in the area of the judiciary (courts, prosecution, bar association),  headed by the alumni of the Faculty of Law UCG:

1.                Supreme Court of Montenegro– alumni Vesna Medenica, Memorandum signed on 18.11.2016. ( ) ;


2.                The Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro – alumni Ivica Stanković, memorandum signed on 06.12.2016.

( );


3.                Bar Association of Montenegro – alumni Zdravko Begović, Memorandum signed on 07.04.2017. ( ) ;


4.         Public Bailiffs Chamber, alumni Vidak Latković, Memorandum signed on 11.05.2018. ( )