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The Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro has activated its Alumni Club, with the mission of connecting former students, teachers, associates and friends of the Law Faculty in order to establish and maintain contacts and cooperation with the Faculty.

The goals of the Alumni Club are: promotion and strengthening the reputation of the Law Faculty in Montenegro and the international community; building and strengthening links and cooperation between former students and law faculty in order to strengthen the spirit of belonging to the Faculty; encouraging and establishing links and cooperation between the Law faculty and educational and research institutions from related areas in Montenegro and abroad; Establishing and strengthening cooperation with institutions where former Law Faculty students work and protecting the interests of the profession according to the codex and rules of the profession.

By activating the activities of the Alumni Club, we wanted to remind our former students  that the connection with the Faculty should not stop after the completion of studies, but that it continues to continue and develop.

Connection and cooperation of legal experts from different fields and professions will contribute to mutual professional empowerment and support.

The activity of the Alumni Club will be realized through joint gatherings and communication through the alumni of social networks. 

To this end, we expect you to join a joint association by filling in the access form: