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Within the framework of the project CABUFAL students and staff of the Faculty of Law – University of Montenegro can access EBSCO databases (including Legal source), and complete archive of 11 journals published by Kluwer Law. 

The access is granted from any computer at the Faculty by visiting: 



In preparation for the use of the EBSCO database a training seminar was organised for the teaching staff of the Faculty of law University of Montenegro on October the 4th 2017.  The attending teaching staff was presented with the Certificates of Participation: 

prof. dr Nevenka Bogojevic Gluscevic

prof. dr Ljiljana Jokic

prof. dr Ranko Mujovic

Prof. dr Gordana Paovic Jeknic

prof. dr Snezana Miladinovic

prof. dr Maja Kostic Mandic

prof. dr Vladimir Savkovic

prof. dr Aneta Spaic

doc. dr Bojana Lakicevic Djuranovic

dr Velibor Korac

dr Nikola Dozic