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The Judicial Council is an independent Public body that ensures the independency and autonomy of courts and judges in Montenegro.

Pursuant to articles of the Montenegrin Constitution The Judicial Council is comprised of the president and nine members. Members of The Judicial Council are: President of the Supreme Court; Four judges appointed and by the Conference of Judges; Four prominent Montenegrin lawyers appointed by the Parliament of Montenegro at the proposal of the relevant working body of the Parliament after a public tender; and Minister of Justice of Montenegro.

President of the Judicial Council is elected by the members of Judicial Council, with special limitations set for the holders of judicial office and Minister of Justice that cannot be elected for this function.

The jurisdiction of the Judicial Council is established by articles Montenegrin Constitution, therefore the Judicial Council: elects and dismisses the President of the Montenegrin Supreme Court; elects and dismisses the President of the Judicial Council; submits an annual report on the work of the Judicial Council and the overall situation in the judiciary to the Parliament of Montenegro; elect and dismiss judges, presidents of the Montenegrin courts; deliberates on annual reports of the courts, applications and complaints about the work of courts; determines the termination of judicial function; determines number of judges; propose to the Government the annual budget for the work of courts; and perform other tasks stipulated by law.

The secretariat of the Judicial Council employs 31 professionals.