QUALITY CONTROL AND MONITORING 2019-10-07T05:47:48+00:00

During the entire duration of the project, continuous quality control and monitoring of project activities and results will be performed. Quality of the project and its evaluation will be ensured by the activities of the Quality control board that wll be formed on the first meeting of the partners. 


Quality control board will have the equal number of representatives from the each partner institution including non-academic partners and a representative of a students of FoL UoM, and will monitor and supervise the quality of all phases and activities of this project, and will act proactively during activities of the development of deliverables.


Quality control board will inspect the accomplished work to ensure its alignment with the project scope and to evaluate whether actions and deliverables meets the quality requirements of the project. Quality control board will adopt a Activity Plan for Quality Assurance that will govern the activities of this body in betveen the meatings. To assure quality control and monitoring, written documents about every project activity will be created  in accordance with the best practice and Activity plan.


Different aspects of quality assurance in this project will be monitored and controlled. Necessary questionnaires related to the quality control will be developed by experts in coordination with Quality control board. Self-evaluation reports will be regularly sent to the Quality control board.  Self-evaluation by consortium members will be done after every event organized by the consortium on the Event evaluation forms. One of the topics of the annual consortium Quality control board will be deliberation on the Self – evaluation by consortium members, that will be done by the Project evolution form. Statistical assessment of the questionnaires will be prepared for the annual meeting of the Quality control board. A quality-review and evaluation meating of the Quality control board will be held once a year and will result with a Annual Report of the Quality control board.

Yearly quality control meetings will be held at the  diferent University every year, at the end of each project year  (in October 2017, October 2018  and October 2019), with the participation of representatives of all Consortium members.

Project coordinator will ensure continuous evaluation of the programmes as well as the supervision of students. At the end of project year 2 and 3, the students will be asked to comment on the quality of the programmes in a written survey. As a long term aim the curricula and its  implementation  will be evaluated by an external accreditation agency.